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PhD in Germany vs Marriage in Egypt

Warning: This is a sarcastic article, and should not be taken seriously

Here is the article. Please read it first, then replace the highlighted sentences by the corresponding ones in the list below:

The path to get a PhD(1) is a hard one. First you need a research(2) proposal, and it has to be agreed on by a professor(3). You will then get interviewed by the professor(3), and some members of his department(4). Recommendation letters from previous supervisors (5) could help you. You need a source of funding! it is very unlikely that your savings so far will cover the expenses you will need during the journey. Some rely on their family’s savings, especially if their parents are so freakin rich. Money through scholarships or PhD positions(6) would probably be sufficient. You go through a thesis-defense(7) once, probably a few months before getting the degree(8). Whether it makes sense to defend is questionable because once your supervisor decides that you should do it, then probably he thinks that you made it(9).

  1. married
  2. marriage
  3. her father
  4. family
  5. ex-girlfriends and mutual friends/relatives
  6. Robbing banks or salaries that some might earn at the age of 50+
  7. self-defense
  8. throughout the marriage process and after marriage
  9. because you lose the argument anyway.